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PUPi is a complete dog training program covering all aspects of your dog’s management in three stages:

  • Puppy socialisation
  • Puppy management and training
  • Juvenile/adult management

Puppy Management

PUPi provides a four week dog training course (for vaccinated pups under 12 months and older smaller breeds of dogs) at 15 locations across Perth and costs $70 for the course. Training is carried out in enclosed areas to enable dogs to socialise with each other off lead. PUPi uses only humane, positive training methods with the minimal use of treats, to attain maximum voice control both on and off the lead. Families are welcome and missed lessons can be made up. (course time location and time and home management program)

PUPi Home Management (Dogs under 12 Months)

Plan your puppy / young dog's future and integrate it into the home with this innovative home management programfor $245 (Two dogs $265). It includes:

  • a 90 minute consultation at home on all aspects of your puppy’s management
  • a written plan for your puppy's future
  • a four week puppy management course at a PUPi location (Perth Only)
  • ongoing assistance as required

Puppy Socialisation classes

PUPi facilitates and supports puppy socialization classes in over 50 Perth Veterinary Clinics (click for locations, format and contact details), and also provides class instruction manuals and training for instructors

Juvenile and Adult Training Classes

As ongoing training is essential for maintaining your level of control advanced training classes are available at selected locations.

PUPi “Solutions”

Are you having a few minor developmental problems with your puppy, and trouble getting the right advice? PUPi worksheets, written by a qualified animal behaviourist will help.

Click here to view our help sheets.

PUPi “Parties” and “Get Togethers”

PUPi can organize a party for that special pet, a get together with a few friends, or a games afternoon with one of our instructors in a safe fully enclosed area .

Boarding, Day Care and Training At The Pampered Pooch

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