Dr Garth Jennens (M.Soc.Sci, Ph.D) is an Applied Animal Behaviourist with degrees in Zoology and Psychology, and a doctorate in animal behaviour (dog attacks on livestock). He brings 25 years of experience in consulting and research in animal behaviour, management, welfare and training to the PUPi program.

In 1990 Garth set up the Animal Management Resource EXtension Program (AMREX), and developed it into one of the largest private dog training and behaviour organisations in Australia. Through AMREX he implemented community based programs such as "Barkline".

In 1996 Garth was awarded a meritorious service award by the Australian Veterinary Association. He has authored several publications relating to companion animal management and behaviour, and is a regular conference speaker, radio talk back participant and lecturer on these topics.

Garth currently works as a private animal behaviour consultant in Brisbane and Perth and regularly advises various groups in the pet industry on Animal Management issues.

Garth consults in Perth and Brisbane.

Services Provided by Dr Garth Jennens

Behaviour Consultancy

Behaviour consultations for all types of problems in all species of animals are available in the home. The cost of a home consultation varies depending on the number of pets, the complexity of the problem, and whether preparation for court is required. The consultancy fee includes a home visit of approximates 90-120 minutes, preparation of a treatment program and ongoing assistance.

Problems With The Local Authority. Dr Jennens specialises in the investigation of dog nuisance complaints, dog attacks, dangerous dog assessments and other animal behaviour, training and welfare issues. Upon the completion of the investigation a treatment program is provided, a written report is supplied to the relevant authority and where required, attendance in court.

Expert witness

Dr Jennens is qualified to appear as an expert witness in all matters pertaining to animal behaviour, welfare and training, and is regularly used in this capacity by local authorities, solicitors and dogs owners.


Dr Jennens is an experienced speaker having given several hundred lectures, seminars, media interviews and conference presentations over the last 20 years on a wide range of topics relating to animal behaviour, training and welfare.

Urban Animal Management Consultancy

The AMREX Animal Management Consultancy is available to advise State and Local Authorities on pound management, barking and dogs attack procedure and strategic plans.

Please contact us for further information on AMREX Behaviour.

Industry Training

Applied Vocational Training is a private company serving the Veterinary and Animal Care industry, providing training for people working with animals, and offers a range of courses both full and part time for local, country and overseas students.

For more information please visit www.appvoc.com