Dog Behaviour and Training

People Understanding Puppy Interaction (PUPi) has been developed by qualified professionals to provide a flexible and practical approach to dog training and behaviour. Currently operating in Perth, Western Australia PUPi aims to provide accurate and appropriate advice to assist pet owners to better integrate their pet into the home. PUPi also offer Home Behaviour Consultations in Brisbane, Queensland.

How Do We Achieve This

  • PUPi provides consistency through successive stages of training from puppy socialisation classes to adult training
  • Training exercises are progressive, and advice is provided at the most appropriate and relevant time in the dogís life
  • Moving away from the restrictive and structured exercises of formal dog training PUPi provides a unique set of training exercises that have a practical application in the home and in everyday life
  • PUPi focuses on the early identification and prevention of key dog behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, dominance issues, fears and phobias, and problems associated with inappropriate socialisation and poor off lead control

What Does PUPI Aim To Prevent?

Experience, training and qualifications are necessary to become a competent dog trainer or animal behaviourist, however none of these is legally required. As a result inappropriate or bad advice is possibly the most serious problem facing dog owners. It is important therefore, for your petís sake that you make every effort to obtain the correct advice from the appropriate source.

About Us

PUPi is operated, and supported by a qualified and experienced team of behaviour, training and management consultants, who provide a range of pet services in Western Australia. It also assists in linking you to other pet services not provided by PUPi.

For the treatment of serious and complex behaviour problems PUPi only recommends the use of fully qualified animal behaviourists and uses only experienced veterinary nurses as instructors.

Please contact us for further information.

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